No mail on Tuesday?

Did you know that the postal service once considered that it might be a great idea to stop delivering mail on Tuesday because the average mail volume on Tuesdays is less than other week days.  I’ve noticed that quite often Tuesday’s mail is sparse and mostly junk at that.  That got me thinking about why that is and what might be the result if they stopped delivering on Tuesday.  Could it be that mail is sparse on Tuesdays because the post office is closed on Sunday?  If there’s NoMailTuesday (hey, that’s my oh-so-clever domain name) would we get swamped on Wednesday?  If they don’t pick up on Tuesdays would there be a drought of mail on Thursday?  Maybe it would stuff the whole system and lead to the end of civilization.

So here it is, NoMailTuesday, a place to ponder the random
perversity that everything we do creates.